SSScanner for Windows

Scan files on your local or network drives

SSScanner is a full-text search utility which scans within files on your local, network, and CD-ROM drives looking for a given word or phrase (see also: SSScanner CD Edition below). As SSScanner searches for your query, it shows the directory path to the files that match it most of all.

The application uses intelligent method of Subject Search which matches your search phrase with the text being searched even if the corresponding text fragment and your search phrase are not exactly the same, some of the words are swapped, not present or spelling varies; searches are supported in any of 39 languages.

The product provides each of its findings with a relevancy score shown as a percentage; this helps you to judge whether a particular file does or does not actually contain data of your interest. SSScanner™ processes files of any format, including text files, documents written under MS Word, HTML, PDF, RTF, HLP formats as well as binary or even executable ones!

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SSScanner 5.0

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